Bunpimay – Laos New Year at Hong Duc University

10/30/2021 9:18:14 PM
On the morning of April 11th 2021, Hong Duc University organized a meeting to celebrate the Bunpimay 2021 for Lao students. In the celebration, there were presentation of representatives of Vietnam - Laos Friendship Association of Thanh Hoa Province, representatives of Vietnam - Laos Friendship Association of Thanh Hoa City, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Thi Mai - Vice Rector of Hong Duc University, representatives of training faculties, functional departments, unions and all Laos students who are studying at Hong Duc University.


According to the Buddhist calendar, Bunpimay lasts for three days (April 14th to 16th every year), an occasion for Laos people to welcome the new year, pray for favorable weather, productive crops, and peace, healthiness and happiness. At the celebration, many meaningful activities were taken place such as: wishing for New Year, giving gifts to Laos students, organizing traditional rites, splashing water.... In addition, many special musical and dance performances were performed by Laos students themselves created a joyful and exciting atmosphere during the Bunpimay holiday, showing solidarity, long-standing attachment to the two nations, two peoples. Many traditional dance performances of Laos have made a deep impression in the hearts of the guests. This celebration not only helps Lao students to have more motivation to strive in their studies, but also to strengthen the friendship and solidarity between the two countries Vietnam - Lao.

Some photos of Bunbimay at Hong Duc University


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Thi Mai –Vice Rector of Hong Duc University was giving flowers to congratulate Laos students on the Bunpimay


Mr. Nguyen Huy Toi - Representative of Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association of Thanh Hoa Province had some gifts to Lao students on the occasion of Bunpimay Tet



Music performances to celebrate Bunpimay by Laos Students' Union.



Some traditional rites of Bunpimay



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