Department of Sociology

11/4/2021 11:08:00 PM

1. History of formation

The Department of Sociology (Social Work) was established in 2010 with the function of a specialized unit under the Faculty of Social Sciences. This is the first Sociology (Social Work) training institution in Thanh Hoa with a reputation throughout province and outside province with the mission of leading in training high-quality, creative human resources, spreading knowledge and skills, specialized in sociology and social work which contribute to the development of Thanh Hoa province in particular and the nation in general.

2. Teaching staffs

We are a team of highly qualified, enthusiastic lecturers who have been basically trained at famous domestic and foreign universities and institutes (40% of lecturers are trained from abroad), specifically: 3 PhDs in Sociology, 1 PhD student in Sociology, 1 PhD student in Social Work, 5 Masters.

3. Mission

The department is assigned to manage and train the career-oriented Sociology of Social Work including full-time and part-time courses, social work vocational training, teaching Sociology courses for students in social disciplines such as: Literature, History, Geography, Vietnam Studies, Tourism, English Language...

4. Development process and training program

After 10 years of training, the division of Sociology (Social Work) of Hong Duc University has trained more than 500 graduates, contributing to providing hundreds of officials and employees for state management agencies, non-business units in policy, labor, war invalids & social affairs; NGOs inside and outside the province...

Up to now, the Department of Sociology (social work) has become a reliable, high-quality, socially recognized and has its own identity in training Sociology (Social Work). The faculty and staff in the subject with an average age of 35 years old, young and enthusiastic have made great efforts to cultivate and improve their professional qualifications and research ability. For 8 consecutive years, the Department of Sociology has been a reliable address assigned by the Provincial People's Committee to coordinate with the Department of Home Affairs to implement projects, survey studies to assess the level of satisfaction of citizens in the province to propose projects. Producing solutions to improve the quality of public administration in Thanh Hoa province.

The training program is continuously updated and supplemented to provide learners with professional knowledge and skills to meet the high demands of society. In addition to the basic subjects, the current training program in Sociology (social work) emphasizes the empirical application to the social management process by methods of sociological research and social work. association in Vietnam. The program is designed to suit young people who love, are passionate about researching social issues, and want to explore, experience and conduct research in different communities. and ready to provide professional assistance to disadvantaged individuals and social groups such as: street children, people living with HIV/AIDS, the poor, the lonely elderly...

The results achieved in the past time confirm the development potential and the important role of the subject in the growth of the Faculty and the University. The strategic direction of the subject in the future is to become the leading training institution in Sociology and Social Work in Thanh Hoa province.

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