Department of Vietnamese studies

10/30/2021 3:32:35 PM


1. Foundation

The Department of Vietnamese Studies was found in November 2010. It is the first training institution in Thanh Hoa province provide Bachelor degree of Tourism. In the last decade, it has gained a number of achievements and reputation in professional training, scientific research and international cooperation, not only in Thanh Hoa but also in the whole country.

2. Manpower

The Department of Vietnamese Studies has a team of high qualified, enthusiastic lecturers who were trained at reputable national and foreign institutions (30% of lecturers was trained abroad). Specifically, the Department of Vietnamese Studies - Tourism has: 1 Associate Professor (majoring in anthropology), 2 doctors (majoring in Vietnamese studies), 2 PhD students (majoring in Tourism) and 2 masters (majoring in Vietnamese studies).

3. Training program

So far, the Department of Vietnamese Studies is in charge of two undergraduate training program:

- Vietnamese Studies (7310630)

- Tourism (7810101).

The Department of Vietnamese Studies provides advanced and updated training programs to meet the high demands of society and recruiters. In particular, the training programs are refered and consulted from training programs of reputable institution (both in Vietnam and abroad). The major of tourism is trained in a new model (50% of training time are taking place at traditional learning room, the remaining 50% are trained at reputable and experienced tourism enterprises in the province). Students will be guided by the directors, managers and operators of large tourism businesses; so that they will have opportunity to observe and practice professional skills and be familiar with actual working environment.

By 2020, the Department of Vietnamese Studies has enrolled 13 classes of full-time student. After 10 years of training, nearly a thousand students have graduated, providing hundreds of officials and employees for state management agencies, cultural and tourism non-business units; travel businesses, hotels, restaurants, etc. in Thanh Hoa as well as other provinces. The annual rate of graduates who are recruited in related industry is more than 85%.

Besides foundation and general subjects, the training programs are intensively designed with modules of tourism that combine theory, seminar, discussion and practice to stimulate and enhance students' capacity. In addition, the programs are regularly updated and supplemented to provide learners with necessary knowledge and skills to meet the demands of society. The modules are conducted by a team of experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated lecturers who were trained at prestigious training institutions in Vietnam and abroad. In addition, the Department also cooperates with tourism businesses and associations such as Da Lan restaurant, Muong Thanh Grand Thanh Hoa hotel, FLC Sam Son, Vinpearl hotel, Huu Nghi International Tourism Company, Thanh Hoa Tour Guide Association, Xprienz Vietnam, etc. The experts, managers from those organizations are invited to join in talk shows/seminar or classes to share their experiences or provide practical lessons for students.

In the coming years, the Department will continue to innovate training methods, connect with more employers to improve training quality, to meet the demands of the labor market and ensure jobs for graduated students. The 50-50 training method (50% of training time are taking place at traditional learning room, the remaining 50% are trained at reputable and experienced tourism enterprises) has been applied from the 2018 - 2019 school year which may bring promising positive training results, create generations of professional and high qualified employees for tourism service industry.

 4. Training modules

The Department of Vietnamese Studies is responsible for supervising and training modules relating to Vietnam Studies, Tourism and Hospitality. Some key modules are:

  • Basic of Vietnam Culture
  • Famous Landscape and Relic System in Vietnam
  • Belief, Religion and Festivals in Vietnam
  •  Vietnam Ethnic Groups
  • Vietnamese Habits and Customs
  •  Vietnam Cuisine Culture
  •  Vietnam Contemporary Political Institutions
  •  Hospitality Management
  • Travel and Tour Operations Management
  •  MICE Tourism and Events
  • Community Based Tourism and Homestay
  •  Ecotourism
  • English for Tourism
  • Marketing in Tourism

5. Facilities

Modern facilities are provided at the Department of Vietnamese Studies to facilitate students to study, practice and enhance learners’ capacity. There are 2 practical rooms at the 4th floor, building A5 for students to practice tourism professional skills such as: reception, housekeeping, bartending, food and beverage serving.

- Receptionist equipment: reception desk, desktop, leaflet holder, file holder, wall clock, etc.

- Food and beverage/bartending equipment: fridge, round table, side table, chairs, napkins, serving bowls, chopstick, chopstick holder, plates, spoons, knives, forks, tablecloths, bar spoon, jigger, wine opener, mixing glass, 350ml cocktail shaker, 6-compartment decorative material container, rubber bar mat, 10oz mixing cup, 700ml plastic cocktail shaker, stainless steel lemon squeezer, beer opener, ice tongs, bar muddler, stirring spoon, coffee filter, cutting board, knife, liquidizer, coffee maker, serving towel, napkin tissue, tissue holder, food and beverage menu, ice bucket, ice shovel, glass holder, beer glass, champagne glass, white wine glass, red wine glass, cocktail glass, water goblet, tea cup, kettle, etc.

- Housekeeping equipment: Bed (single bed), mattress, bed sheet, blanket, pillow, pillowcase, decorative pillow, strip bed decorations, flower vase, trash bin, towels, mirrors, floor mats, floor cleaning kits, room service trolleys, vacuum.

6. International cooperation activities

International cooperation activities were always promoted in the Department of Vietnamese Studies. In the last few years, a number of cooperation programs were implemented.

- In March 2019, the Department of Vietnamese Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Duc University) cooperated with the Faculty of Tourism, University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz (Germany) to organize the "Summer school 2019”. The program had the participation of 10 students from Zittau University/Goerlitz and 10 students majoring in Vietnamese Studies - Tourism from Hong Duc University under the guidance of lecturers from the Faculty of Tourism of two training institutions. The program was implemented to develop soft skills, exchange academic expertise, enhance students' understanding in the international integration. The program was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The main themes of the Summer School 2019 at Hong Duc University are “Sustainable Tourism Development” and “Basic Issues of Community Tourism”. The program was organized with many useful and interesting activities in the form of discussions, group work, meeting local cultural and tourism subjects; thereby helping students from the two training institutions to have understandings on the picture of community-based tourism development in Vietnam and Germany. Besides studying and cultural exchange activities which are taken place at Hong Duc University, the field trips to assess community tourism development in Dong Son ancient village (Thanh Hoa) and Ta Phin village (Sapa, Lao Cai) were conducted to help students develop research skills, bring more experiences and supplement useful knowledge for tourism students of the two universities.

- Succeeding the cooperation program between Hong Duc University and the Faculty of Tourism, Goerlitz/Zittau University (Germany), from October 8th to 15th 2019, the delegation of staff, lecturers and students majoring in Vietnamese studies and Tourism from Hong Duc University was present at Goerlitz/Zittau University to participate in the Summer School program to study the theme of "Sustainable tourism development".

- In October 2020, the Department of Vietnamese Studies, in collaboration with Xprienz Vietnam Co., Ltd (a member of Xprienz Academy Singapore) held a workshop with Theme: “The Art of F&B service” for all students in two majors to participate.


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