Summer School 2019 – A memorable student exchange program at Hong Duc University

10/30/2021 9:21:31 PM
Based on the cooperation program between Hong Duc University and Goerlitz/Zittau University (Germany), from March 20th to 27th 2019, the Department of Vietnam Studies - Tourism (Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Duc University) collaborated with the Faculty of Tourism, University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz (Germany) to organize a "Summer school 2019" for students of two institutions. The program was conducted to develop students’ skills, exchange academic expertise, enhance students' mutual understanding in the context of international integration. The program was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).



The themes of the Summer School 2019 at Hong Duc University is “Tourism Sustainable Development” and “Basic Issues of Community Based Tourism”. The program was organized with many useful and interesting activities. Students from two institutions had opportunities to join in discussions and group works to have a thorough understandings of national historical and cultural issues; the context of community-based tourism development in Vietnam as well as in Germany.

To introduce the traditional value of Vietnamese culture to the delegation from Zittau/Goerlitz University, the Department of Vietnam Studies - Tourism organized a Vietnamese cultural festival with the theme "Local Market – Chợ quê". The atmosphere of traditional Vietnamese countryside market was vividly represented on the campus of Hong Duc University with traditional costumes and typical fun folk games (such as tug of war, blindfolded pot beating, bamboo dancing), Vietnamese special cuisine (like Pho, spring roll, steamed rice roll, Chung cake, Gai cake). Also, this is an opportunity for Hong Duc university students of Department of Vietnamese studies - Tourism to practice and enhance professional skill.

In the Summer School program, students from two institution had two field trips at Dong Son old village (Thanh Hoa) and Ta Phin village (Sapa, Lao Cai). These experiences have helped students to develop research skills, supplement useful knowledge about tourism, especially the community based tourism in Vietnam.

Some photos of the Summer School 2019 program:

Assoc. Dr. Hoang Thi Mai - Vice Rector of Hong Duc University welcomed and gave souvenir to lecturers and students of Zittau/Goerlitz University at the welcome party.

Zittau/Goerlitz University students checked in at Hong Duc University

Prof. Ute Ruth Pflicke, the Dean of Faculty of Tourism introduced members of Delegation from Zittau/Goerlitz University.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Tu Anh, Vice Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences welcomed the delegation of Zittau University.

The students discussed issues relating to two themes: “Tourism Sustainable Development” and “Basic Issues of Community Based Tourism”.

Zittau/Goerlitz University students was so excited to learn about Vietnamese cuisine dancing at Local Market Festival from two institutions received certificates of participation in Summer School 2019 from the program organizers. trip at Dong Son old village students were so impressed with the peaceful space and traditional values of Dong Son old village. Cong Tuan – A K18VNH student confidently introduced his new friends from Zittau/Goerlitz University about the customs exchanged with local Red Dao women about their traditional craft


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