The Faculty of Social Sciences successfully hosted the Seminar "Feminism in the Social Sciences and Humanities Research”

4/14/2022 9:28:09 AM
On the morning of April 13th, 2022, the Faculty of Social Sciences - Hong Duc University successfully hosted a seminar with the topic "Feminism in the Social Sciences and Humanities Research". This is one of activities in cooperation program between Hong Duc University and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In the seminar, there were presentation of Professor Gabriele Linke, Faculty board of Social Sciences Faculty, representatives of functional departments, lecturers and students of Faculty of Social Sciences.


Feminist theory was introduced on the basis of the feminist movement which was first taken place in European countries in the 18th century to oppose the idea of masculinity which considered women as "minor" next to the "major" of men. Until now, the struggles for gender equality and women's liberation have received a lot of attention from progressive mankind. Although there are certain achievements in academic studies, this theory still needs to be further studied and applied in a more scientific way, especially in the context of spreading issues like violence, sexual abuse, and labor exploitation happening day by day. Feminist theory and its application to research in social sciences and humanities are also the common interest of Prof. Linke and lecturers at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Those are the main basis for this seminar.

At the seminar, Prof. Linke had a presentation on "Western Feminism: Current Issues". She introduced and analyzed some interesting contents such as western feminist thoughts, the central theoretical debate since the 1980s: the performativity of gender and flexibility of gender identities, central issues for feminist activism, directions of feminist theory and activism, feminist politics for women, the equality paradigm and typical example of paying gap in Germany. Lecturers and researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences - Hong Duc University also presented various issues related to feminism in Vietnam: Mother goddess worship in Vietnam, Feminist voice in poetry of Ho Xuan Huong, Women’s right in Hong Duc Code, Gender inequality in Families, Gender equality in tourism development. The presentations were all received a lot of attention, comments and discussion from the participants, created a vivid atmosphere.

          At the end of the program, the Faculty board, on behalf of the Faculty of Social Sciences, gave a souvenir with love to Prof. Linke. It was a Vietnamese traditional gown “Ao dai” with the hope that professor Linke will wear it during her days in Vietnam as well as when she returns Germany.


Some photos of the seminar


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mai Van Tung, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, gave a welcome speech and introduced the Faculty of Social Sciences


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Tu Anh, Vice Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences introduced the cooperation program with Prof. Linke and the seminar topic.


Prof. Gabriele Linke presented the topic: “Feminism theory: current issues”.




Delegates and attendants presented and discussed the topics.



Faculty board of Social Sciences Faculty gave a souvenir to Prof. Gabriele Linke.


Participants took photos with Prof. Gabriele Linke at the seminar.


News: Orgnization Committee

Translator: Duong Hien

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