Topic of migration in contemporary Vietnamese prose

11/10/2021 3:42:37 PM
This article intends to point out that migration is a very interesting topic for the literature, especially in the context of globalization. Migration leads to many cultural exchanges, but first of all creating cultural "clashes" and forming "global citizens". However, whether it is cultural exchange or beats, the migrations are still happening; and for many humans, it is an indispensable requirement for survival. In recent decades, this topic has been expressed by many Vietnamese writers. The writings of Nguyen Van Tho, Thuan, Mc Ammond Nguyen Thi Tu and other writers - Vietnamese writers who have been or are living in exile, have shown new insights into reality and Vietnamese people, in the context of exchange, integration with the world. By analyzing typical works on the subject of migration of the above-mentioned writers, this paper aims to help the readers to better understand one of the issues of all humanity in contemporary Vietnamese prose.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Tu Anh
Tập tin đính kèm

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